Perth's Affordable Platter Company

Muffin & Fruit

This platter has been designed to offer a combination of Fruit and Muffins, where the Client has a smaller gathering to cater for ie. Training, Boardroom, Morning Tea / Lunch. Artfully arranged this platter has it all.

Please note: The fruit is laid on an absorbent mat.

Fruit & Muffin Platter

Flavour Range:

  • One half is peeled and sliced Rock Melon, Honeydew Melon, Fresh Pineapple, Orange, Apple, (Seasonal variations – Strawberries / Grapes), are carefully arranged in 8 portions ( portions are large and will feed more than 8)
  • The other half of the platter has 12 halves of Muffin in 3 flavours – Choc Chip, Banana Choc, Blueberry.


(this serves more than 8 people)